Orad Shows Stereographics 3D Graphics Solution at NAB Show

Orad’s Stereographics solution renders stereo graphics in real time and displays them over the stereo image. With Stereographics, content such as sports, weather channel branding, elections, etc can be updated in real time. The broadcaster has full control over the depth dimension of the graphics and the key stereo parameters – interaxial (eye separation) and convergence can be adjusted in real time.

Stereographics Key Features

True, real-time stereovision – no post production needed
Single box solution that can generate a side-by-side or separate left / right signals in either 720p or 1080i.
Easy adjustment of graphics with real time controls over convergence and eye separation (interaxial)
Existing 3D graphics can be used in the stereo environment without needing to re-author
Two linear keyers allow overlaying graphics on independent left / right signals.
Video clips and textures in Stereo can be played back without alteration
3DPlay, Maestro, and 3rd party controllers do not need to change their workflow
Preview via 3Designer available during authoring using anaglyph or polarizing glasses (in particular, nVidia’s 3D Vision™)
Output of the HDVG can be previewed in 3D, without the need for 3D-capable professional video monitor


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