YUVsoft Presents its 2D-to-3D Conversion and Post Production Software at 2013 NAB Show

Booth SL3629, NAB 2013

YUVsoft Corp., a developer of 2D-to-stereo-3D conversion and postproduction software, will be present April 8–11 at the NAB Show, a must-attend event for those seeking creative inspiration and a glimpse of next-generation technologies.

YUVsoft develops 2D-to-stereo-3D conversion workflow solutions that operate as plug-ins for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry NUKE, the industry-leading postproduction and VFX platforms. The company’s two flagship products—2D to 3D Suite and Stereo Processing Suite—include a broad range of powerful artistic tools, enhancing and simplifying stereoscopic 3D conversion and postproduction for motion-picture and television content. These products are designed for medium-size VFX studios and production houses, as well as large conversion studios, that perform extensive 2D-to-3D conversion.

YUVsoft 2D-to-3D software helps users achieve quality conversion results in addition to saving critical resources—time and money—thanks to its highly automated and simplified conversion workflow. A valuable work and cost saver is Depth Propagation (part of the company’s 2D to 3D Suite), a tool that automatically creates depth-map sequences for an entire scene using just a few key frames.

The company will unveil a new tool, specially prepared for this year’s NAB Show, that enables background reconstruction to facilitate clean-plate creation. The background reconstruction tool will be part of YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D Suite. Employing a temporal approach, the algorithm automatically restores background details and estimates depth using the shot’s input 2D source, in addition to creating masks for foreground objects and creating a depth map. It can also accept as input an incomplete depth map that provides just the necessary information in areas to be used for background reconstruction. The tool works with Stereo Generator to yield maximum efficiency when creating multilayered high-quality stereo.

Other key features of YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D Suite:

1. Automatic generation of realistic depth—rotoscoping is only necessary for important objects, depending on quality requirements
2. Depth propagation from key frames—using just a few hand-painted or automatically generated depth maps, the software calculates depth maps for the entire scene
3. Depth-map refinement tools:
a. Control the detail level and border accuracy of the depth map
b. Add realistic details to hand-painted depth maps, thus avoiding the cardboard effect
4. High-quality stereo generator:
a. Fully automatic stereo generation from 2D+Depth
b. Special emphasis on accurate processing of transparent, fuzzy edges

The users of 2D to 3D Suite achieve the following results:
1. faster conversion because of less required rotoscoping, painting and clean plating;
2. higher quality conversion, thanks mainly to Stereo Generator features;
3. better stereo quality for a given 2D+Depth input compared with competing solutions;
4. less number of objects and layers and therefore less errors during compositing;
5. saving time: less manual work (highly automated depth map creation, just a few roto masks required);
6. a small trained team (about 20-30 persons) is able to convert full-length movies for inexpensive cinema releases within 2-3 months, depending on the movie type and quality requirements.
7. YUVsoft’s tools double the productivity by supporting background depth generation and editing, depth refinement and high quality stereo generation.

YUVsoft’s Stereo Processing Suite comprises tools for automatic correction of geometry and color mismatches between views, disparity correction to enable parallax and screen-plane level adjustment, stereo-to-multiview conversion, and disparity map estimation. The technology applies complex temporal video analysis to automatically generate intermediate views using a stereo pair. Features include the following:

1. Arbitrary number of views
2. Selectable parallax —the tool supports extrapolation, allowing synthesis of additional views for seeing beyond the borders of the original left and right stereo views, thus increasing parallax and improving visual 3D effects

YUVsoft welcomes visitors at booth SL3629, April 8–11, at the Plug In Pavilion in the south lower hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Company representatives will be available to answer questions about YUVsoft’s products or to arrange live demonstrations. Register online to meet the company and see a live demo.


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