DDD Adds I Heart Shakey 3D Feature Film to Yabazam Movie Portal

DDD Group (AIM: DDD; OTCQX: DDDGY), the 3D solutions company, is bringing the independent feature film I Heart Shakey in 3D to Yabazam, DDD’s 3D movie portal.

I Heart Shakey is the ultimate tale of love and loyalty. This 90 minute semi-autobiographical story begins when JT O’Neil (played by Steve Lemme, Super Troopers) and his 10-year old daughter move from a small town to Chicago in pursuit of JT’s dream of becoming a chef. Their dog, Shakey, wreaks havoc in their new, upscale apartment building, and they’re pressured to get rid of him.

Also starring in the cast is Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy franchise) as former Army Sgt. Stubbs who offers to take Shakey in, Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoons Vacation movies) as the concierge of high-end kennel Chateau Bowwow, and Alfonso Arau (Three Amigos) as the cook in the restaurant where JT works.

I Heart Shakey is the first film from Chicago-based company, Amarok Productions, headed by Kevin and DeAnne Cooper. It is also Chicago’s first stereoscopic indie feature, which was shot entirely in native 3D. The Coopers teamed up with Phase 4 Films on distribution of the 3D film to non-theatrical platforms, and now audiences in the US and Canada will get to watch I Heart Shakey in 3D using the Yabazam app on Samsung and LG 3D Smart TVs.

“I Heart Shakey is a wonderful family film with an endearing central message,” said Jay Wiskerchen, DDD’s Vice President of Content Services. “We’re very excited to offer this 3D movie to our Yabazam members for viewing on a growing number of 3D televisions and mobile devices.”

Yabazam features a wide variety of 3D content, including movies, travel shows, music videos and animated shorts from producers around the world. Yabazam titles are available for rent outside of the US using the free Yabazam 3D video streaming app and in the US, Yabazam is offered as a subscription service. The Yabazam app has been downloaded over 250,000 times and averages more than 2,000 3D movie viewing sessions per day.

In anticipation of the movie release on Yabazam, audiences everywhere can enjoy two 3D music videos from the I Heart Shakey soundtrack featuring music and scenes from the film, available on Yabazam now. Brian Walker performs “Gravity” with American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox, and Chicago-based indie pop quartet Purple Apple sings “Life As It Is” with a little help from Shakey the dog. 3D fans can follow Yabazam on Facebook and Twitter for news on the release of the full feature, coming soon.


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