meta and Epson Offer Augmented Reality Development Kit and Platform

meta creates a new way of interacting with computers, strengthened by Epson’s decades of experience in bringing cutting edge technology to market. meta presents the world’s first developer kit and platform for augmented reality; users will have direct gestural control of 3D virtual objects attached to their real environment. A game-changing two part wearable computer allows users to play with virtual objects in 3D space using nature’s perfect controllers – their hands. This truly unique product has to be worn to be believed, so meta put the device on the heads of an Emmy® award winning team, and a number of top-notch UI engineers and they produced a series of promotional materials.

“We’re thrilled to work with Epson to create a new paradigm of natural computation, and will not rest until we are the standard,” said meta founder and CEO Meron Gribetz. “It’s the way computers always should have been: wearable, viewed through both eyes, and directly controlled using their entire arms and hands. Epson has the experience of a large company and impressive agility. They’re a perfect partner for this aggressive new venture.”

“When meta came to us, we were really excited by their energy and their insatiable drive.” said Anna Jen, Director of New Business, Epson America. “We see endless applications for meta’s product using Epson’s see-through wearable technology. We’re excited about the effects on productivity, media entertainment, retail, and of course, an amazing new class of games entering our real world”.

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