Offers 3D Stock Video Footage and Photos

SEQUENCES3D.COM offers 3D stereoscopic HD video clips and photos. These media are ready to use for various projects and achievements. All sequences and photos are georeferenced which allows you to search by proximity in addition to conventional search by keywords.

SEQUENCES3D.COM uses proggies2go to visualize the sequences in the main 3D playback modes but also in 2D.

A list of keywords used (listed in alphabetical order or by frequency of use) can get an idea of the topics already covered on the site. New footage and pictures are added regularly. The “Control panel” page shows a list of recent updates.

For each media, the exact location of the shooting is available and can be displayed on a map or satellite view. Georeferencing allows for a search to find other media filmed nearby. For example to find cutting planes, or to find cutaway shot.

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