Tiffen Shows Steadicam Scout HD with New 7-inch HDSDI 800 Nit Monitor Suitable for 3D Mirror Rigs at BVE 2013

Stands G01, H01 and J01, London Excel, 26-28 February 2013

At BVE 2013 Tiffen International Ltd is showing the latest products from its range of high quality glass MPTV optical filters, Steadicam camera stabilisers and Lowel Lighting for cinematographers to DSLR videographers. Besides seeing the latest products, visitors to the Tiffen stand can also benefit with advice from world experts in their fields including optical filters, Steadicam and lighting.


Steadicam is presenting the latest additions to its range of camera stabilisers that include two new versions of established rigs. The Pilot HD and Scout HD are wired for live HDSDI TV production and benefit from the latest Steadicam engineering. PilotHD can support the modern breed of lightweight camera loads from 0.9 to 4.1kg, and includes a new 7-inch 400 Nit Hi-Bright monitor with 900:1 contrast and 1024×600 pixel resolution. Similarly the Scout HD supports loads up to 8.2kg and has a new 7-inch HDSDI 800 Nit monitor that offers a frameline and vertical and horizontal image flip for working with 3D mirror rigs. The Archer and Zephyr rigs that support loads of 13.6kg and 10.5kg respectively are also on the stand.

New the Fawcett Exovest is an ultra-light exoskeletal Steadicam vest that transfers weight into anatomically appropriate areas and bridges areas that should not be loaded. Its rigidity means that the force required to counterbalance a Steadicam rig is halved. Also the absence of chest straps allows unrestricted breathing and with nothing to compress the spine at mid-back level. The result is a lighter and less constrictive vest that allows better respiration, circulation, transpiration and movement, and is especially comfortable for female operators.


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