S3D World Presents Stereoscopic 3D Post/Production Workshop at KEIO KMD

Workshop: Stereoscopic 3D Post- / Production
Advanced Technologies for Remote / Distributed / Real-time Collaborative Post- / Production
11-12 February 2013

An actress and a cameraman in a studio with green screen in Amsterdam, 3D virtual scene rendering and key composting in Tokyo, final rendering in the director’s office in San Diego. Does this scenario sound too wild? Actually, things like this have been already happening.

Remote collaboration, distributed workflows and remote access to shared audiovisual content has been of increased interest for the audiovisual industry as it allows for efficient use of valuable resources like people, equipment and tools scattered among different locations particularly when bringing them physically together comes with high cost. Remote collaboration allows post-production professionals to work on one project from distant locations, which enables creation of more (cost) effective international post-production teams.

S3D experts from Europe, Japan and the US have come together to offer you a unique mix of theory and practice during a four day workshop at KEIO KMD. The workshop participants will be introduced to available technologies and instruments for remote collaboration and on-line communication and will be shown how to utilize these instruments in project oriented hands-on experience.

On the first day, introduction to remote collaboration for digital cinema production will be presented (Todd Margolis & Tracy Cornish) followed by theoretical lecture about the limits and pitfalls of remote collaboration in the filmmaking process (Tomas Petran). Second day will be devoted to practical demonstrations, followed by panel discussion with all the speakers.

More information including the detailed schedule:


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