3 Signs That 3D Movies Are The Way Of The Future

By Kirsten Acuna, Business Insider

Some people say that 3D is simply a fad that will run its course. That it’s an easy cash grab or gimmick by studios.

And we understand the argument — 3D tickets are expensive!

While the average price of a regular movie ticket hit $8.12 last year, you have to shell out somewhere between $10 to $18.50 (Union Square, New York City) for a 3D ticket.

If you’re spending that much money to see a film, you’re looking for a reason to justify paying that price. And if you’re seeing a 2D film converted into 3D, sometimes you may feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Like it or not, however, 3D’s here to stay — at least until the next big thing (Peter Jackson’s high-frame rate projection, perhaps). When you crunch the numbers, three things are obvious.

1. There’s been a large increase of 3D screen installments in theaters:

After the release of “Avatar” in 2009, the number of 3D digital screens exploded worldwide.

2005: 98
2006: 258
2007: 1,300
2008: 3,800
2009: 9,000
2010: 16,000
2011: 36,000
2012: 43,000

Of course, the return of 3D to theaters came well before Avatar in 2009. [more...]

Source: Business Insider

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