VNS Shows GeoBox Passive 3D Processors at ISE 2013

VNS will show new products in ISE 2013 (Integrated Systems Europe) during Jan-29 to Jan-31-2013 at Amsterdam. The products include new dual channel 3D processor called G-301 with 2D to 3D conversion and standard 3D demultiplexer functions. This product was designed with quick corner and image warp ability to support image stacking and curved screen 3D display. Another product called G-202 which is a high performance dual channel 3D demultiplexer with competitive price but without warp capability. You can see more products during ISE in multi-projector applications, such as image stacking to amplify the brightness and seamless edge blending to stich the image into big video wall.

1) Passive 3D Projection Display:

You can see the best passive 3D performance via dual channel 3D processor integrated with precise geometry adjustment and Perfect Sync technology to synchronize images between RH & LH channels to get the most comfortable and healthy 3D system. Three types of passive 3D processor G-201, G-301 & G-501 will be announced in ISE to cover different applications and price ranges.

2) Multiple projector Edge Blending:

Five different edge blending processors will be announced to cover different applications, including super high output resolution, flat screen and curved screen edge blending. No PC system is required in all models. It is a flexible and easy to use device to bring more durable and reliable system for demanding commercial applications.

3) Image stacking processor:

Image stacking is a new concept to provide high brightness system through multiple low cost projectors with only fraction of the cost if compared with high brightness projector such as 20k or 30k lumens. Clear and sharp image can be obtained through our patented pixel base warp technology. Curved screen image stacking is also supported in our image stacking system.

VNS can provide a series of GeoBox to meet pro-AV and visual installer requirements. We also look for distributors in each region to serve more customers.

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