Mviewtech Exhibits Mviewer Active 3D Edge Blending Solutions at ISE 2013

Shanghai Mviewtech Co,Ltd is going to the biggest exposition Integrated Systems Europe to show its active 3D curved screen display and 5-monitor expansion display, geometric correcting module and image rotating module.

Mviewtech’s active 3D edge blending solutions

The architecture design of Mviewer edge blending series takes the super bandwidth into consideration. The key to proper active 3D edge blending is as follows:

- Dual-link DVI or Displayport port can receive up to 330MHz data – Its processing logic does up to 24Gbps calculating; accordingly RGB processing range is 1Gpixel/s. the original color is maximally maintained because there’s no need of color gamut change all along the path.
- For hardware fully synchronized digital architecture, synchronization between channels is an inherent nature. Synchronization is essential to active 3D display.
- The contained geometric correcting does keystone, pincushion, barrel and other deformation correcting, convenient for image aligning and curved screen projection.

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