DTI and 3D Impact Media Demo Real-Time Conversion of 2D/3D Content to HD Glasses-Free 3D Displays

Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) today announced it will demonstrate 3D Impact Media’s (3DIM) real-time 2D to multiview and stereo to multiview 3D video conversion in its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8-11 in Las Vegas. DTI will be in booth #36385 in South Hall 4, near the southeast corner of the second floor. The new 3D Impact Media conversion process is the only type of conversion that works with DTI’s revolutionary new high definition glasses-free 3D displays.

Using 3DIM conversion, any 2D as well as stereoscopic 3D video stream can be converted and shown on DTI’s high resolution glasses-free 3D multiview displays in real-time, enabling new applications such as broadcasting of live events in public venues or digital signage, where 3D content is seldom available and expensive.

“The combination of DTI’s innovative, HD glasses free 3D display technology and 3D Impact Media’s conversion IP creates an ideal product for customers who want a high quality 3D conversion and display pipeline,” said Laurent Mueller, Chief Executive Officer at 3D Impact Media.

“It is exciting that 3D Impact Media has agreed to develop for DTI’s new high resolution displays, enabling the best 3D viewing experience without the need for special glasses,” said Arnold Lagergren, CEO of Dimension Technologies. “3D Impact Media conversion is an enabler that will allow DTI’s line of advanced displays to find broad use in a wide variety of new applications and markets.”

High resolution 3D Impact Media conversion will be available as an option built into DTI’s high definition displays, which will be introduced to the market shortly.

DTI’s displays create genuine depth 3D in High Definition without the loss of resolution and/or brightness that plagues other glasses free displays, and prevents their adaptation in most markets. The technology offered by DTI uses a patented “Time Multiplexed BacklightTM.” to create 3D, versus optics or barriers on the front of the display used by other developers.

This year’s flagship is a 46” eight-view 1080p 2D switchable to glasses-free multiview 3D TV/monitor with 1920 X 1080 resolution and highbrightness. It has four times more resolution in 3D than any other autostereoscopic display.

The second display is a 22” 2D switchable to glasses-free multiview 3D TV/monitor with high brightness. An early version of the 22” eight view display wowed visitors last January at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

DTI will also showcase real time 2D to multiview HD 3D and 2-view to multiview HD 3D streaming conversion developed by 3D Impact Media to match the Time Multiplexed image format required by DTI’s displays. Any TV program or recorded movie can now be played in high quality HD 3D.


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