eyeon Ships Connection 1.5 for Avid Editing and VFX Systems

eyeon Software Inc. announced today that eyeon Connection® version 1.5 has shipped worldwide, expanding on their promise to bridge the AVID® editing and VFX workflow via the AVID AVX2 architecture. Today marks eyeon’s second Connection release in less than six months, underscoring eyeon’s development tradition of continuously driving technology improvements.

While Connection was initially released with support for the Media Composer®, Symphony™, and NewsCutter®, Connection 1.5 speaks volumes to the AVID DS™ client base. With parallels in an advanced procedural node environment, the DS community has been heralding this round-trip solution as practically one of their own, and eyeon has been deeply honored at the response.

“Connecting Fusion to our workflow was like someone had untied my hands from behind my back. Taking jobs into a real 3d environment with particles and still being able to keep that project in DS has been fantastic. The extra freedom is immense. It’s like when I first started working with DS and discovering that there were so many possibilities. I am now taking on jobs I previously had to pass on to Flame; I can offer our clients so much more and I’m only scratching the surface.” – Declan MacErlane, Piranha Bar

Connection was created to allow editors and artists to go beyond an environment specific to the layered-based editing and VFX workflows that are often associated with Media Composer and Symphony. For DS editors, Connection provides an advanced 3D compositing technology that is resolution, frame rate, and color independent. Additionally, eyeon mandated a process that had to be easy, such as simple drag and drop methodologies, while recognizing that, as an excellent editor and 2D compositor, DS would increase its capabilities tenfold with the power of Connection and Fusion.

“As many of you know, prior to working at eyeon I ran multiple DSs for years and before that Symphony. After discovering the joy of nodes, Fusion was my go to compositor. It was (and still is) fast, logical, and Fusion’s freeform never hit the wall. Then I discovered Fusion’s 3D environment and there was something about eyeon that just clicked for me. Now that I work here and see first-hand what goes into every line of code, I want to thank the eyeon developers and employees, as well as extend a sincere nod to the brilliant AVID client base.”- Jeff Krebs, eyeon Software

Key Features Reviewed

• Supercomputing node-based VFX toolsets directly accessed in the AVID timeline, auto-populating AVID clips.

• Simultaneous use of software on systems or network, with concurrent editing/rendering.

• Drag-and-drop simplicity with infinite scalability via 64bit GPU-accelerated compositing and motion graphics.

• Unprecedented Particle generation and access to 3D environment and virtual extensions.

• Dimension’s optical flow and disparity mapping technologies define a superior level of fix-it-in-post and Stereoscopic solutions.

• VFX processing via multi CPU, GPU, and OpenCL.

• Advanced Fusion toolset includes Primatte5.

• Fusion 6.4 delivers transcoding lab controlled by AVID and Fusion.

• HDRI floating point color pipeline.

• ARRI®, RED®, Phantom®, and other native camera formats integrated.

Pricing and Availability

Connection with AVX2 support is included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners.


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