Doremi Releases 3D HFR Updates for its IMBs

Technology from Doremi proved itself once again to be the crucial link between creative film production and extraordinary theatrical presentation. As a leading-edge developer of digital servers for more than 25 years, Doremi has repeatedly delivered technologies that push the boundaries of motion pictures. This last year has been no exception.

Doremi is pleased to announce the release of its 3D HFR software and firmware updates. The updates will allow all existing IMBs (Integrated Media Block) in the field to be easily and remotely updated to support 3D HFR content.

Higher frame rates offer new creative possibilities for filmmakers and, most importantly, an exciting new experience for consumers that can’t be replicated in the home.

“HFR and Doremi Cinema’s IMB technology delivers the massive leap in quality necessary to invigorate and drive customers back into the theaters,” said Michael Archer, Vice President of Doremi Cinema. “The industry has a window of opportunity it must seize because HFR movies on the big screen can deliver an experience that consumers can’t get at home.”

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