Lumens and 3D-Hub Launch 3D101 Ladibug 3D Visualiser to the Education Market in the UK

Teachers can now project images in 3D to their students, thanks to the UK’s first 3D visualiser from Lumens and 3D-Hub. 

Visualisers (or document cameras) allow teachers to project images, perhaps of a science experiment, document or artefact, to the whole class via a PC and projector, rather than all the students vying for space around a table.

The new stereoscopic 3D version from Lumens – the 3D101 Ladibug – allows pupils to see material onscreen as if they were standing directly in front of it. The images, projected on to an interactive whiteboard using specially developed software from 3D-Hub, can be viewed in amazing quality with 3D glasses (on suitable display screens), bringing lessons to life.

Joris Nevens, Lumens’ Business Development Manager, said: “Our new 3D document camera, which is the first of its kind, is pushing the boundaries of visualiser technology. Inspired by current trends, we believe it represents the future of visualisers and 3D teaching in many classrooms, lecture theatres and training rooms around the world.”

Mark Reynard, Commercial Director at 3D-Hub, commented: “The new visualiser is an exciting addition to the range of 3D products on the market and will expand the possibilities available for teachers in the classroom. For instance, they can begin a lesson with 3D-Hub’s virtual models that can be manipulated, animated and disassembled interactively. The teacher can then use the 3D visualiser to project images, perhaps of an experiment or a dissection, to the entire class whilst reproducing an amazing sense of depth for all students to see.”

Features of the new 3D101 Ladibug include a 8x zoom ensuring objects of colour and size can be picked up quickly and easily, a unique gooseneck design for 360° viewing angle, and a one button image optimization function to adjust image quality.

More technical features

Stereoscopic 3D:
· Also a high-definition visualiser;
· 3D-Ready for 3D Projector or 3D TV;
· Compatible with Stereoscopic Multiplexer/Player software
o Lumens Europe recommends the 3D HUB software
· Dual High-speed USB 2.0.

Also standard visualiser functionalities:
· Crystal clear high-definition image clarity;
· Superior colour reproduction quality;
· Flexible gooseneck design;
· Works in 2D with the free Lumens software
· For Mac and PC
· Compatible with all major IWB brands.

About 3D-Hub:

3D-Hub was launched in January 2012 and is based on years of research to find the most effective techniques for the interactive presentation of teaching and training materials.

As well as specially developing the software for the 3D visualiser, 3D-Hub provides interactive 3D teaching software offering ‘virtual models’ for the classroom, including the solar system, the human heart and the structure of a volcano.

The software, which is easy to download and use, allows the virtual 3D models to be manipulated, animated and disassembled interactively.

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