University of Salford Students Ask Is Stereoscopic 3D the Future of Film Making?

Is Stereoscopic 3D the future of film making? What do people think?

Technology in the film industry has seen changes taking place like in any other industry. This has seen a gradual production trend of films in different formats i.e. the conventional 2D films and Stereoscopic 3D. 3D films are becoming more popular in recent years. The term “Stereoscopic 3D” refers to the technology used to create the illusion of the perception of depth achieved through the use of special glasses. Nowadays, most cinemas and IMAX theatres offer the option to watch films in 3D. This survey aims to gather the audience’s opinions on this viewing experience.

We are conducting this survey to gather individuals’ views on stereoscopic 3D film experience as most of the current research focuses mostly on the technology and how directors use it. We are inviting people to tell us their opinions and whether they are in favour of 3D films or not and why. We will publish the results of this small scale survey as we are also curious about what the majority of viewers think.

- Zororo Mubaya, MSc Digital Media student at the University of Salford, Video Audio and Social Technologies pathway
- Sharon George, MSc Digital Media student at the University of Salford, Audio Production pathway

Here is the survey link:

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