Infinite Z, TerraEchos, FMS and Mindtel Bring Data to Life Using zSpace Virtual-Holographic 3D Platform

Infinite Z, Inc.®, a technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery, today announced partnerships with TerraEchos, FMS and Mindtel, enabling these organizations to develop big data analytics solutions within Infinite Z’s virtual-holographic 3D platform, zSpace. The immersive 3D environment of zSpace allows for real-time collaboration, highly realistic 3D visualization and simulation, as well as direct manipulation of data in large open space.

The intelligence that can be extracted from big data is highly instrumental in driving both research and decisions in areas such as sensitive infrastructure, environmental monitoring, strategic defense planning, among other critical initiatives. By analyzing and interacting with complex data in 3D, zSpace users have access to detailed information that can’t necessarily be derived from a traditional 2D environment, leading to increased accuracy and precision in planning and decision making.

“One of the most challenging dimensions of streaming analytics is streaming visualization and the impact on human cognitive process — how we know,” states Dr. Alex Philp, Founder and CTO of TerraEchos. “We have developed a streaming visualization capability leveraging the immersive power and 3D accessibility of zSpace, so now seeing now becomes knowing now.”

According to a June 2011 Economist Intelligence Unit survey of 586 executives, 99 percent faced increases in the amount and complexity of data collected. This presents a challenge for organizations as they aim to draw educated conclusions that will benefit their missions.

“Big data has become an important resource for intelligence analysts, law enforcement, information workers and researchers alike,” said Scott Ellis, Executive Vice President of the FMS Advanced Systems Group. “With Sentinel Visualizer, professionals can use link analysis to visualize data with zSpace to recognize patterns and trends that would not be seen otherwise. We are thrilled to work with Infinite Z to offer a solution that optimizes the value of intelligence obtained through big data.”

In March 2012, the Obama administration announced plans to spend $200 million a year on funding big data research and development projects, to be divided among the National Institutes of Health, the Defense and Energy departments and the U.S. Geological Survey. As these federal agencies and other entities continue to invest in big data analytics, it’s important to maximize the value of that data and ensure it is as accurate and useful as possible to the organizations.

“At Mindtel we are using zSpace for a data visualization project around our ANTZ application,” said Dave Warner, Director of Medical Intelligence, Mindtel. “We can now take a spreadsheet of thousands of scientific publications on ants and more easily discover robust patterns or meaningful behavioral connections within a 3D interactive environment.”

“We are pleased to empower these organizations striving to elevate the quality of information made available through big data with the capabilities of zSpace,” said Dave Chavez, chief technology officer, Infinite Z. “Through our partnerships we hope to help these companies and their customers achieve a deeper understanding of the data they aggregate by enabling them to physically see and manipulate the data in a highly realistic environment. The level of intelligence that can be obtained simply through enhancing the visualization process is remarkable, and we look forward to seeing how the information is used in real world situations.”

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