Gener8 Announces Cumul8 Cloud-Based Data Management Business Division

One-of-a-kind, cloud-based Cumul8 system takes uncertainties out of complex productions by turning data into knowledge

Gener8 Digital Media Corp., a visual effects studio that is redefining the landscape of 3D film production, is launching a new business division devoted to cloud-based data management: Cumul8. Developed to address Gener8′s own digital production needs, Cumul8 turns data into knowledge by aggregating various data streams involved in a production and using these to drive valuable, real-time metrics to a project’s decision makers.

From filmmaking to real estate to mining, Cumul8 distills key insights from complex data streams in any large-scale project that requires coordination among multiple departments, vendors, and/or reporting tools. The production’s essential data sources are integrated into the Cumul8 engine, which aggregates the reported data to provide top-notch analytics through visualization dashboards that can be customized to the viewer’s individual needs. These metrics are stored in the cloud and securely accessible 24/7 from any connected device, empowering managers to continually track a production and providing the “big picture” insight needed to mitigate costly bottlenecks and make informed decisions.

“Today marks a big step for Gener8 as we take the internal solution we developed to manage large-scale data flows, spot trends in our processes, and fine-tune our efficiency, and offer it to clients across all industries,” says Tim Bennison, Gener8′s COO. “When a production involves coordination between departments and vendors, and each group is using different reporting tools, keeping the project on the rails can be incredibly time consuming and expensive. Cumul8 takes all of this data, centralizes it, and analyzes it into a live feed that allows decision makers to understand the project’s status in a way that no other data management tool does.”

In addition to driving all of Gener8′s 2D to 3D film conversion projects, Cumul8 has been adopted by two major Hollywood studios to manage the production of upcoming feature films. To expand Cumul8′s reach, Gener8 is actively seeking new partnerships in the film industry and beyond.

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