Holografika Unveils 30-Inch HoloVizio 80WLT Glasses-Free 3D Light Field Display at IBC 2012

Stand 8.F49, IBC 2012

Holografika will publicly launch the new generation HoloVizio monitor at IBC 2012 (Amsterdam RAI, Hall 8, booth #F49, the Future Zone).

Making the next step in 3D beyond stereo, to overcome the known limitations of auto-stereo multiview systems, Holografika is pushing proprietary light-field technology to produce natural 3D view.

The new 30” HoloVizio 80WLT display offers total freedom in viewing experience, with continuous parallax in the entire field-of-view, allowing even to look behind the objects. No sweet spots, no invalid zones or repeated views, no ideal viewing distance, viewers can be anywhere in front of the display. The full-angle geometrically correct view is achieved through reconstructing all the light beams leaving the holoscreen even under extreme angles in a range up to 180 degrees.

The 3D image is built up by 73 million pixels provided by microdisplays with RGB LED illumination. The monitor has multiple dual-DVI inputs to back the bandwidth needed to feed this amount of 3D data.

The 30” monitor is intended for professional markets, like medical, scientific applications and where collaborative 3D visualization and authentic full-reconstruction of 3D data is a minimum requirement. The first units of HoloVizio 80WLT will be shipped from beginning of 2013.

The development of the display and the related technologies was partially supported by the 3D VIVANT European FP7 project. The project investigates the possibility of using different technologies for capture and display of 3D content. Holografika will exhibit the display at the 3D VIVANT booth.

Tibor Balogh, CEO said: ”We are always pushing boundaries to show people what 3D should look like. There is certain disillusion around stereo glasses or some multiview systems with artificial 3D effects. Full-angle view is a milestone again in 3D technologies. The image that does not disappear, 3D objects that are solidly there as you walk around, give an unprecedented level of reality. The hologram-like 3D visual impression is different and this is what people expect in the future.”


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