YUVsoft Shows its 3D Stereo Processing Suite for Mobile Devices with Autostereoscopic Displays at IBC 2012

Stand 7.A01, IBC 2012

YUVsoft Corp., a software R&D company, will be showing at the forthcoming IBC exhibition how its software products are used for hassle-free creation of 3D content for mobile devices with autostereoscopic displays. Most of stereo content is captured or converted to be displayed on relatively big screens. Such content looks almost flat on small displays, because they require much bigger parallax for creating a compelling 3D effect. The same problem occurs when viewing cinema stereoscopic content on 3DTV displays. Thus special conversion is needed, and it can be accomplished in almost fully-automatic way using YUVsoft Stereo Processing Suite.

In addition to parallax correction, the product allows for automatic correction of geometry and color mismatches between views, disparity map estimation, disparity correction to enable screen-plane level adjustment and stereo-to-multiview conversion for glasses-free 3D displays.

Besides that, as usual, YUVsoft will be showcasing its software for semi-automatic 2D-to-stereo 3D conversion using depth maps.


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