Cyclopital3D Launches Lens Accessories to Help Improve 3D Camcorder Results

Cyclopital3D launches a unique line of accessories for Panasonic, JVC and Sony 3D camcorders that significantly increase the creative options for film-makers. Many 3D film-makers and hobbyists are utilizing high quality, low-cost camcorders to produce documentaries, films, and personal video. This new line of accessories from Cyclopital3D enables 3D content creators to use more varied techniques and equipment to produce fantastic new 3D content. Accessory options include Wide-Angle Lenses, a Filter/Close-up Adapter and a Stereo Base Extender for several 3D camcorder models.

The Cyclopital3D line of Wide-angle Lenses for the Panasonic, JVC and Sony 3D camcorders can double the field of view captured by the camera! These lenses are offered in wide-angle and fish-eye focal lengths, easily attach to the tripod mount, and several models include a built-in lens ring for using filters, polarizers and lens hoods. In addition to the obvious advantage of getting more into the scene, these lenses enables a film-maker to get closer to a subject when infinity is in the background while maintaining the same amount of parallax in the image.

The Cyclopital3D Filter/Close-up adapter allows a film-maker to use a variety of filters, polarizers, lens hoods and close-up lenses with their 3D camcorder. Most optional attachments function the same way in a 3D environment as they do in 2D cinematography, with the exception of close-up lenses, which are fundamentally different. In 3D cinematography, the close-up lens allows the camera to achieve convergence on the subject closer than what is possible without the additional close-up lens. It also increases the common image seen by both lenses, thus reducing the amount of image loss commonly experienced in 3D close-up photography.

The Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender effectively widens the lens spacing of the camera, thus improving the 3D effect in distance shots by maintaining the correct aspect ratio in the X, Y and Z dimensions when zoomed in on a subject. Typically, as the camera moves farther away from a subject, the parallax in the scene decreases, thus reducing the 3D effect in the image. However, this Stereo Base Extender uses perfectly aligned high quality front surface mirrors to effectively widen the stereo base allowing a film-maker to be up to 4 times further away from a subject while maintaining an optimal level of parallax.

Aiming to help you take your 3D film-making to the next level, this new line of accessories from Cyclopital3D allows you to vary your technique and expand your creative potential. A variety of film-maker packages are available to suit everyone’s needs. For more information on Cyclopital3D products, go to:

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  1. Stereo Realist says:

    I use the this base extender on my AG3DA1 and I’ve installed the adapters from Cyclopital3D on all of my 3D cameras. They allow me to squeeze the most out of both my optics and investment. They have the look and feel of a quality product built to last.

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