SterGen Demos Multi-Screen Delivery of its 2D to 3D Video Conversion Technologies for Sports Broadcasting at IBC 2012

Stand 7.A10, IBC 2012

SterGen develops 2D to 3D video conversion technologies for the sports broadcasting market, providing affordable yet high quality content for the 3D broadcasting industry. The operational complexity and high costs of 3D productions have resulted in a lack of 3D content, which has become a major hindrance to the mass adoption of 3D home entertainment. Many 3D broadcasters have resorted to either cutting back on their programming hours or to showing multiple re-runs of past events. SterGen aims to solve the lack of content problem.

SterGen’s innovative, field proven technology enables real-time conversion of 2D camera feeds and sports program footage into true stereoscopic 3D – in a quality that is similar to and often better than native 3D. The live image processing based method offered by SterGen provides an excellent and high quality alternative to the expensive and logistically complex native 3D productions.

At IBC – (Hall 7, Booth A10 w/Vizrt) SterGen will be exhibiting:

Full 2D to 3D conversion:

Using a geometrical analysis of the entire playing space, SterGen generates a virtual second eye camera that, combined with the original 2D camera, produces a true stereoscopic 3D video in real time.

SterGen’s technology even has an advantage over native 3D productions in that it can solve the “flatness” problem created in the wide angle shots (the high cameras), which constitute 60%-80% of the sports broadcast. SterGen’s GUI enables changing the distance between the two cameras (the InterAxial Distance) thereby increasing or decreasing the 3D effect intensity. SterGen also deals with the low cameras where players appear in front of a complex background, and can thus provide a high quality 3D conversion capability for all cameras used in a typical sports production. The system automatically identifies camera cuts and applies the proper algorithm and parameters for the current on air camera.

SterGen will be showing how the system works in different sports with different camera positions:
• Football (Soccer)
• Tennis
• Baseball

Production workflows supporting a variety of needs and configurations:
• Full 2D →3D conversion of venue feeds. This can be done in the comfort of your studio or anywhere else on the video path.
• Dual Production: SterGen’s unique hybrid mode can be deployed in the stadium and integrated with the OB equipment. Typically the conversion is done for the high 2D cameras, eliminating the need to create new 3D camera positions or to duplicate rigs; while native 3D cameras are only used for the low cameras (close shots), thus creating the optimal 3D experience at a fraction of the cost.
• Archive and Highlights real time conversion (both SD and HD material)
• 3D Graphics Depth Matching – SterGen is capable of automatic matching of the graphics templates depths in consecutive scenes, as well as adjusting the graphics location to the video depth of interest to avoid viewers’ eye fatigue issues.

Multi-Screen Delivery:

SterGen has the ability to address the “multiple screens” requirements and adapt the stereo parameters to the specific display screen. Different display screens such as 3D TV, PC, tablets and smartphones, require different 3D depth effects. SterGen’s system can take a single 2D feed and simultaneously produce multiple 3D feeds with different disparity parameters meeting the requirements of various displays.

At IBC SterGen will be exhibiting its 3D capabilities on glasses-free mobile phones and novel glasses free TV sets for a more exciting viewing experience.

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