Leader Appoints Thameside as Technical Support Centre for its 2D/3D Signal Analysers during London Sports Events

Leader Instruments announces the nomination of Thameside to provide product service-centre support for Leader test equipment during the sports events taking place this summer in London.

“Over 70 Leader LV5770 units will be used by the major broadcast organisation covering the events,” comments Chris Margrave-Gregory of Thameside. And this is only the tip of the iceberg compared with the rights-holding broadcasters who also bring their own gear. We are pleased to be the technical support centre for Leader during the events. The arrangement was made following preliminary discussions at the Broadcast Video Expo show in London, mid February. The LV5770 comes as standard with 3G-SDI, stereoscopic 3D, high definition and standard definition facilities. Each of the 70-plus units supplied is fully optioned with supplementary features including jitter, eye-pattern analysis, extensive digital audio monitoring facilities and composite inputs. They are an engineer’s and an accountant’s dream and will be used alongside other Leader products such as the LV5380 multiformat monitor, LV5330 portable HD/SD-SDI monitor and LV5800 multi-monitor platform brought in by the rights-holding broadcasters arriving in London for event coverage.”

“Thameside TV has worked closely with us for many years as our UK distributor,” adds George Gonos, President of Leader Instruments Corporation. “Thameside’s sales and engineering staff have an excellent reputation both in product supply and post-sales support. Leader test equipment is renowned for its extremely high reliability but it is obviously important to ensure that replacement analysers and modules are accessible during such a large-scale broadcast event.”

Leader’s LV5770 is a compact broadcast signal analyser supporting 3G, HD dual link, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal formats. Its modular design allows easy customisation to meet specific user needs. Signal amplitudes, vector, data, colour bars and programme picture can be viewed individually or in quad-split mode on the instrument’s integral 6.3 inch XGA LCD screen. Video frames can be captured manually or on an automated error-detection basis. Video display options include eye-pattern and jitter waveform. Eye-pattern rise time, amplitude, fall time, timing jitter, current jitter, rising-edge overshoot and falling-edge overshoot can be measured automatically.


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