YUVsoft Demos Latest Stereo 3D Software at Dimension 3 2012

YUVsoft will be at the Dimension 3 trade show (June 13–15, Paris), exhibiting at booth B8 to demonstrate our latest software updates.

We will demonstrate our newest products for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry Nuke, which are designed to:

- accelerate the process of 2D–to–stereo 3D conversion and increase conversion quality
- perform stereo video conversion and correction

In addition to the software, YUVsoft will display various lenticular images that were obtained using the company’s tools, as well as demo projects and videos that showcase our entire product range.

Below is an overview of the products and technologies YUVsoft will demonstrate at Dimension 3.

2D to 3D Suite

This toolset of professional plug-ins performs depth map construction and processing as well as high-quality stereo generation. The software can also automate 2D–to–stereo 3D conversion for a range of quality levels, from 3DTV to high-end theatrical releases.

Stereo Generator Suite

The main plug-in delivers high-quality stereo generation from 2D+Depth video, providing special functions for automatic depth map correction. The toolset includes several plug-ins for depth map processing and a special technology for processing semitransparent and fuzzy edges between foreground objects and background areas.

Stereo Processing Suite

These plug-ins enable stereo video post-processing and automatic correction of mismatches in stereomate geometry and color. They also include a tool for stereo-to-multiview conversion.


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