Dimenco Demos 23-Inch Glasses-Free 3D Monitor with Dynamic View Technology at SID 2012

Unique patent pending display technology offers best of all worlds: Full-resolution 2D, high-resolution 3D stereo mode and the most comfortable 3D multi-view mode.

Dimenco, the leading technology company in the field of glasses-free 3D displays, unveiled its newest 23” glasses-free 3D gaming monitor with Dimenco Dynamic View (DDV) technology today at SID, providing the best 3D viewing experience for the application that the user requires.

Until now display manufacturers have not been able to provide high-quality, comfortable and easy to use glasses-free 3D gaming/multi-media monitors to the consumer market. One of the reasons for this is the limitation in the optical design and image processing to offer both a high-impact 3D experience and a comfortable immersive 3D viewing mode without compromising on 2D quality.

With the introduction of its newest 23” 3D monitor Dimenco solves these issues by implementing Dimenco Dynamic View technology. This patent pending technology has been developed by Dimenco to offer the highest quality 3D resolution gaming experience to single-users, and also offer a vivid and comfortable 3D experience when watching movies with multiple people. The result is a stunning way to demonstrate both a glasses-free 3D stereo-mode (2-view) and a glasses-free 3D multi-view mode (28 views).

Next to Dimenco Dynamic View technology the new 23” monitor has integrated Dimenco switchable technology that enables the display to switch from 3D to a full resolution 2D image. This is done by a LC-lens-switch, which switches off the lens on the display when full resolution is needed for an application such as Internet browsing or text editing.

“Dimenco is demonstrating with its new 23” monitor that we listen to the consumer and offer them the best and most immersive 3D experience for the application that they require.” said Jan van der Horst CTO of Dimenco. “Dimenco Dynamic View technology proves the unlimited possibilities glasses-free 3D displays can offer.”

The new Dimenco 23” 3D monitor has the ability to automatically switch to the mode that delivers the best image quality that the application requires;

Stereo-mode: This 2-view single-user mode in combination with face-tracking delivers a stunning, immersive high resolution glasses-free 3D experience. It is designed to be extremely suitable for gaming and is potentially capable of supporting NVIDIA 3D Vision.

Multi-view mode: The 28 views deliver a vivid, comfortable and wide-viewing angle 3D image. With the integrated Dimenco Premium Rendering Core, stereo content can be processed in real-time to multiple views, designed to experience 3D with multiple people and therefore ideal to watch 3D movies with your friends.

Full-HD 2D mode: The display is able to switch to its native full-HD 2D resolution enabling the user to work on it as any regular 2D monitor.

The new 23” glasses-free 3D monitor will be demonstrated at SID (June 5th – 7th, Boston) at the Dimenco booth (848). The technology is ready for licensing and OEM.

Besides introducing Dimenco Dynamic View Technology, Dimenco will demonstrate multiple new products and innovations at SID. Including Dimenco Clear View technology and its 56” 4K 3D display.


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