University of Worcester Student Produces High Dynamic Range 3D Virtual Tour

The World’s First Full 360°, High Dynamic Range, Stereoscopic Virtual Tour is a non-profit passion project that took on the task of bringing a historic library to life through the medium of 3D.

3D is making a breakthrough into popular culture at a tangible pace and in the near future we’ll see it seeping into web and new medias as viewing technologies become more affordable. For the time being though, you can view the tour using a pair of old-school red/cyan glasses.

The project is the perfect partnership between photography and design. A new piece of technology (the MK.9) was created to facilitate the project, and rather than patenting it, the design is being given away to everyone, with free range to modify it to their hearts content, vive la 3D!

The tour was created by Will Carey a 3rd year design student at the University of Worcester. “This was one hell of an undertaking, we had to take and process over 480 photos! It took in excess of 200 hours but hopefully this will be the tip of the iceberg and stereo 3D will soon be a credible part of new media”.

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