Euroscreen Announces Deep Space 3D Fabric for Passive 3D Projection

Euroscreen SCREENINT showcasts DEEP SPACE 3D projection fabric for passive 3D projection systems. This projection surface, provided with a special grey coating, is an excellent polarized high gain projection cloth, to be used for passive 3D projection, but also a high gain and high contrast fabric for 2D projection.

Deep Space 3D is suitable for Home Theatre and leisure use, but it is also the right solution in AV professional applications, i.e. 3D projection for simulators, medical applications, R&D, education, etc.

Deep Space 3D projection cloth can be supplied both on electric and on frame screens. In case of an electric screen, it can be manufactured with black borders and black top drop. Surface chemical structure gives the screen an excellent flatness even on non-tensioned motorized screens.
This surface offers a gain of 1.4 and is provided of a black rear side, which makes it suitable to be used also in front of a light source like ambient lights, spot lights or in front of a window.

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