3doo Partners with Panasonic Global to Launch its 3-D Media Portal in Europe

3doo, Inc., the world’s only global 3-D media portal to integrate and commercialize the mushrooming global 3-D market, today announced its official launch through a strategic partnership with Panasonic Global in European markets.

“We are tremendously excited to introduce the world to 3doo’s innovative breakthrough media platform in Europe, in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading television manufacturers,” stated Michael Stougiannos, CEO of 3doo.

“With the push of just one button, 3doo connects 3-D users with unlimited 3-D content in partnership with Panasonic’s Smart VIERA 3-D enabled television, combining advanced functions with high picture quality, easy operation and stylish design.”

3doo’s cloud-based platform quickly and easily connects Panasonic’s European television viewers with High Definition 3-D broadcast media content, including full-length and short 3-D films, live and video-on-demand events.

Stougiannos also announced that within the first fifteen days of the 3doo-Panasonic partnership, the 3doo app was ranked among the ten highest in usage by Panasonic customers, along industry giants such as YouTube, Facebook and Skype.

3doo users enjoyed also enjoyed 61,000 3-D movie viewings in leading markets such as Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Poland and France.

“3doo has rapidly captured the imagination of young, innovative and loyal 3D consumers, producers and users,” Stougiannos stated. “After our dynamic European launch, 3doo is poised to enter the American 3-D markets, where 3-D enabled televisions, computer monitors, smart phones, and digital cameras and recorders are poised to unleash a technological revolution in entertainment and other 3-D applications.”

Panasonic is currently embarked on an extended major market North American tour offering consumers the latest in home entertainment and digital imaging experiences, including the latest HD Smart VIERA television featuring a vastly expanded range of interactive apps such as 3doo for gaming, fitness, live sports, video streaming and much more.

3doo and Panasonic are seeking to deepen their partnership into the television manufacturing giant’s U.S. customer base. 3doo is also planning to enter into strategic partnerships with other leading global television manufacturers to vastly expand its potential viewer base into other major markets.


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