GoPro Moves Closer to Adoption by SMPTE as the VC-5 Standard

GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera, announced today it is broadening its efforts to ensure wide availability of the GoPro CineForm Codec, its high-performance video codec that has been highly valued in video post-production for many years as the industry’s highest quality compression format. The GoPro CineForm Codec is well established in the professional filmmaking marketplace, and has been integrated with several industry-leading devices and video cameras such as the Silicon Imaging SI-2K, Cinedeck mobile capture systems, and many renowned acquisition devices.

In addition to its efforts to make the GoPro CineForm Codec more widely available, GoPro is also supporting the efforts of SMPTE to adopt the codec as the VC-5 video compression standard to provide an open codec standard for video acquisition and post-production.

“Since GoPro’s acquisition of CineForm last year, we realize there may be some questions in the professional production and post production markets about the future of this award-winning codec,” said David Newman, senior director of software engineering for GoPro. “This announcement sends a strong message to the community that GoPro is fully committed, and is accelerating its efforts, to make GoPro CineForm Codec widely available for camera and acquisition device developers. At the same time, we are moving closer toward achieving adoption by SMPTE as the VC-5 video compression standard. This development just makes the decision to embrace the GoPro CineForm Codec as the codec of choice that much easier.”

The GoPro CineForm Codec supports RAW camera formats such as Bayer patterns as well as RGB and YCrCb with an optional alpha channel and color difference sub-sampling.

Participation by the broader video community in drafting of the VC-5 standard will enhance the GoPro CineForm Codec to make it more suitable for a wider range of applications.

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