Digital Vision Shows Nucoda Film Master ‘ACES’ Workflow at NAB 2012

Stand SL6310, NAB 2012

Digital Vision has announced significant enhancements to its Nucoda colour grading platform, providing increased workflow capabilities and additional tools for grading, pre-grading and stereoscopic projects. At NAB the company will unveil the Nucoda Film Master ACES workflow, a new end-to-end solution developed by the Science and Technology Council (STC) of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS).

Today’s post production environment has seen an explosion in the number of cameras, file formats and distribution channels required for many projects. These new formats also need to coexist and stay compatible with older formats and assets, which can result in much greater project complexity and data management headaches for the production. ACES solves this problem by delivering a single post production workflow that keeps all production assets at their maximum possible quality and providing the full benefit of High Dynamic Range (HDR) production pipelines. The upcoming version of Nucoda Film Master comes with ACES support and a full HDR grading capability, including a rich toolset for dealing with colour critical workflows such as HDR capture from ARRI and RED cameras.

In addition to ACES, Digital Vision will also highlight its new DVO video restoration toolset, answering the needs of content owners housing millions of hours of material stored in video tape archives.

For stereoscopic projects Digital Vision will demonstrate its new automated Auto Colour & Align tools, a key element of Nucoda’s respected stereoscopic workflow. Colourists can now automatically match 3D cameras using advanced geometry technology providing morphing and colour matching capabilities.

The company will unveil its Deformable Shape Tracker for Nucoda providing a totally unique advanced shape tracking concept. Instead of tracking and then moving a shape the new tracker tool deforms the shape to perfectly match the changes occurring to the object underneath.

Nucoda also has a number of other key enhancements including: Support for the latest RED Epic HDRx, ARRI Alexa range of cameras and the Sony F65 CineAlta camera (SRMASTER™ format); 64 bit application providing increased performance and stability when using large format digital cameras and image manipulation at 4K; and updated features for the latest Avid and Apple FCP editorial workflows. The next-generation Precision grading panel launched last year is now available in curved and straight configuration and will be demonstrated on the booth.

NAB will provide a platform for Digital Vision to launch Nucoda Look, the latest addition to its grading and finishing platform. Nucoda Look is a pre-grade assist station and deliverables platform with LUT export; these LUTs are now importable into the 42-inch Grade 1 Dolby PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor.

The company will also announce enhanced grading features for Nucoda Fuse including full Base layer grading, a replace function to quickly change colour tools and LUT creation and export.

Nigel Hadley, Digital Vision Product Manager says, “We’re committed to answering the needs of our customers by continuing to improve our core grading technology and adding new innovations to the grading arena. Already this season over 40 network and cable hits including: CSI (CBS), New Girl (Fox), Homeland (Showtime), Downton Abbey (ITV) and Great Expectations (BBC) were graded using Nucoda.”

Kelvin Bolah, Digital Vision Managing Director adds, “We’re delighted to make these announcements at NAB. Used to grade and finish some of the most popular episodic television, film, commercials, documentaries and music video releases, Nucoda continues to be the system of choice for top colourists worldwide. As well as the television projects Nucoda has contributed to a number of major feature films including: Film Factory’s Mirror Mirror, Aardman’s The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists and the upcoming Pixar Animation Studios’ Brave and Walden Media’s Of Men and Mavericks.”

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