YUVsoft Releases Major Update of 2D–to–Stereo 3D Conversion Software at NAB Show 2012

Stand SL13108, NAB 2012

YUVsoft Corp., a software R&D company, is pleased to announce a new version of its 2D to 3D Suite software for professional semiautomatic stereo 3D conversion. The software comprises a set of plug-ins for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry NUKE, supporting the now prevalent depth-based 2D-to-3D conversion approach. Boasting a broad range of tools and operating modes, 2D to 3D Suite is a practical solution for the highest-quality works as well as for those far simpler conversion projects intended for 3DTV or inexpensive cinematic releases. The software facilitates 3D conversion by minimizing manual work and increasing stereo generation quality when using 2D+Depth. In addition to conversion tasks, it can also help correct stereo footage during post-production.

YUVsoft will demonstrate its 2D to 3D Suite at the forthcoming NAB Show, April 16–19, in Las Vegas.

As with earlier versions, this latest release includes tools for fast, nearly automatic construction of plausible depth maps; it is especially useful for backgrounds, as well as depth map editing and high-quality stereo generation. By working effectively in conjunction with traditional rotoscoping-based techniques, 2D to 3D Suite offers numerous trade-offs among conversion speed, cost and stereo quality.

Version 2.0 essential new features:

• Expanded and improved Stereo Generator toolset
- Stand-alone Matting tool semiautomatically creates alpha masks for objects with intricate semitransparent borders (notably, hair)
- Stand-alone background reconstruction tool accurately fills uncovered areas
- Extended integration capability—explicit alpha mask support and occlusion (uncovered area) mask output simplifies use of external clean plates and third-party tools for background reconstruction

• Custom “Spatial propagation” brush spreads coarse strokes to fill objects with a user-specified depth color, enabling fast “hand-painting” of rough depth maps

• Depth upscaling accurately increases the resolution of small depth maps by precisely applying object boundary data from the original full-resolution 2D image

• Higher-quality masks of particles, generated by Depth from Focus, enable 3D conversion of “uncanny” scenes containing rain, snow, explosions, water drops and other objects that make manual mask creation practically impossible

2D to 3D Suite key features:

• Automatically generate realistic depth maps using a variety of approaches; in many cases, rotoscoping is only necessary for important objects, depending on quality requirements

• Propagate depth from key frames—using just a few hand-painted or automatically generated depth maps, the software calculates depth maps for the entire scene
- Generate background depth for ultra-high-quality conversions of blockbuster theatrical releases
- Propagate edits throughout a scene

• Depth map refinement tools
- Control the detail level and border accuracy of the depth map
- Add realistic details to hand-painted depth maps, thus avoiding the cardboard effect

• High-quality stereo generator
- Fully automatic stereo generation from 2D+Depth
- Special attention to accurate processing of transparent, fuzzy edges

YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D Suite is in use now and has been successfully employed in converting full-length movies and commercials across a range of conversion budgets and quality requirements. The software enables a small team of about 20 people to convert full-length movies for inexpensive cinema releases within one to two months, depending on the movie type and quality requirements. For the highest-quality conversion with extensive rotoscoping and painting, 2D to 3D Suite can more than double productivity by supporting background depth generation and editing, depth refinement and high-quality stereo generation.

In addition to 2D-to-3D conversion tools, YUVsoft offers stereo video correction and conversion products for automatic correction of geometry and color mismatches between views, disparity correction to enable parallax and screen-plane level adjustment, stereo-to-multiview conversion and disparity map estimation.


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