3D Features Among Emerging Technologies for Commercial Applications at Image Sensors 2012 Conference

With IS2012 less than 2 weeks away, the image sensors industry waits in anticipation to hear what technologies are around the corner.

This year’s commercial Image Sensors conference is set to reveal advances in a range of technologies outside of traditional digital cameras by leading industry figures.

As well as the more obvious cinematic applications, “3D cameras could offer amazing possibilities of improvement in many areas like automotive, security and surveillance, cultural heritage preservation, ambient-assisted living, industrial control,” says Dr David Stoppa of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

SoftKinetic, a leading company in gesture recognition, have the view that this technology “will dramatically improve some established user interfaces, like the television for example. We also see user interactions emerging, where previously there were none: digital signage is a good example of such a market,” notes their CTO, Daniël Van Nieuwenhove.

From 3D to invisible, for non-visible spectrum applications Dr Renato Turchetta of RAL highlights that “in large area applications, like mammography or chest radiography, TFT technology has been the major player for many years now. CMOS technology is starting to emerge and it could become the major player in the next few years”.

Primary inventor of the CMOS image sensor, Dr Eric R. Fossum will talk about his own current project – Quanta Image Sensing (QIS), which has potential to bring a new generation of change. “Computational imaging is getting interesting… and combined with the QIS could become a major paradigm shift but it is still early in that game.”

On other disruptive technologies, he says, “I think use of non-silicon materials could be disruptive if any of them work out. Meanwhile, the rate of continuous improvement is so large that emerging technologies have to mature rapidly to have enough compelling advantage that they can grab a toehold in the marketplace once they get there. To that end, even a few years of continuous improvement can look disruptive to the user community.”

The above commentators and many other key industry figures will be presenting at the Image Sensors 2012 conference taking place 20-22 March 2012, Hotel Russell, London.


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