AOC Presents its d2357Ph 23-Inch Passive 3D Monitor at CeBIT 2012

Display specialist AOC will present current bestsellers and numerous new models from 6 through 10 March 2012 at the CeBIT. Visitors in Hanover will be able to take a close look at a 23″ model with iPhone dock as well as a new stylish 3D model in hall 15, stand D33. AOC also introduces a mobile USB monitor and a new business monitor series.

Almost frameless 3D design display

With the d2357Ph, AOC presents another innovative display. Featuring LED backlights and cutting edge polarisation 3D technology, the model also sets design standards. Boasting a razor-thin 5.8 mm frame and a profile of only 10.6 mm, the 23″ (58.5 cm) display sets itself apart from the monotony of most other models. Winning the 2012 iF Design Award, the model’s sophisticated configuration not only allows for setting up two or even three models side by side. With a removable black-and-silver foot, the monitor easily transforms into a giant digital picture frame.

The d2357Ph displays photos, movies and games as well as office applications and websites in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). The passive 3D technology delivers impressive stereoscopic depth when using polarised glasses (included). A hotkey activates the integrated software that converts 2D content, such as photos, into 3D.

An ultra-fast 2 milliseconds response time, large viewing angles (170° h/160° v) and a high contrast ratio (20,000,000:1 DCR and 1000:1 typical) deliver razor-sharp and crisp images. Even action-packed movie scenes will be reproduced without blurring. Two discreetly hidden speakers provide respectable sound.

All-in-one solution for iPhone® and iPod® users

The new e2343Fi combines current high-end display technology with a cutting edge product concept, that is aimed at millions of Apple® users. In addition to conventional use, the 23″ (58.5 cm) model offers in its stand a universal dock for numerous iPhone and iPod models. Thanks to the enormous screen diagonal of nearly 60 cm, iPhone photos and videos can now be displayed in all their glory. The environmentally friendly LED-backlit Full HD monitor increases the iPhone display surface by the factor 37. Premium SRS speakers, discreetly hidden in the stand, deliver impressive sound, thus turning the e2343Fi into a veritable multimedia station that plays Youtube or other videos, music whilst charging the Apple gadgets.

With a DCR contrast of 50,000,000:1 (1000:1 typical) and a super-quick response time of 2 milliseconds (grey-to-grey), the e2343Fi is well-suited for even the most demanding videos and games. Modern LED technology allows for a very thin design with a profile of only 12.9 mm, so the stylish display matches the Apple gadgets very well.

USB monitor e2251Fwu: mobile and versatile

Similar to the d2357Ph, the e2251Fwu also features a removable stand, turning the 21.5″ (54.6 cm) monitor into a large digital foto frame.

But the Full HD display surprises with yet another quality: it receives both signal and power via a single USB cable. Due to its minimal weight, the e2251Fwu can be moved around effortlessly, while the high typical contrast value of 1000:1, 200 cd/m² brightness and wide viewing angles allow several viewers to see a great picture. It can be placed onto the coffee table for showing holiday pictures to friends or watching a film. And it can just as easily be carried along to a client meeting when giving a presentation.

New business line : the 60ID series

The new 60ID consists of a large variety of LED-backlit professional displays, with screen diagonals ranging from 18.5″ (47 cm) to 24″ (61 cm). The models come in different equipment variants, offering various resolutions, connectivity and ergonomic adaptability, and as a novelty, a built-in high voltage ioniser for air cleansing. The monitors will be available by May 2012.

Current bestsellers

Along with these innovations, AOC will also present its current array of monitor highlights such as the i2353Fh. The 23″ IPS flatscreen comes with LED backlights, allowing for a stunning profile of just 9.6 mm. Like all LED models manufactured by AOC, the i2353Fh is produced environmentally friendly without the use of mercury.

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