Polaroid Eyewear Displays Professional 3D Vision Line And Dual Gaming Glasses

Polaroid Eyewear, a world leader in optics and lens technology, unveiled its newest 3D technology Eyewear at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Polaroid Premium 3D Vision collection offers a choice of exclusive, stylish frames that use passive circular-polarized 3D technology. The high quality glasses are curved to provide high contrast vision across the surface of the lens, providing a picture-perfect 3D experience. Along with an extended field of vision, all Polaroid premium 3D lenses are made with thermofusion technology for distortion-free viewing and full UV protection.

The brand new Polaroid Professional 3D collection was specially designed for professional and extended use. The frames are made of the ultra-light TR90 material for perfect wearing comfort. The lenses of these professional frames are equipped with special coatings which improve the 3D viewing experience even further. In addition, the Professional 3D Eyewear collection offers two frames with interchangeable lenses. Each style is equipped with a pair of 3D and a pair of sunglasses lenses which can be exchanged easily.

The Polaroid Dual Gaming glasses collection uses the circular polarized technology to provide gamers engaged in multiplayer game play – typically viewed as a split screen on a single television set – the ability to see their individual game play on the full screen. Using 3D television technology, a separate set of images is sent from the TV to each player wearing the glasses, giving the appearance of a single screen. The new line demonstrates another advantage of Polaroid’s great lens technology.

“We are excited to showcase our latest 3D eyewear line at CES and look forward to showing consumers how attainable a high-quality 3D experience is whether in the movie theater, at work, or in the home,” said Jerry Dreifuss, global marketing director at Polaroid Eyewear. “Polaroid Eyewear’s line features circular technology and fashionable frames, providing both the technology and style 3D fans have come to expect from Polaroid.”

The superb quality and comfort-fit lightweight glasses are a perfect choice for 3D professionals, producers and gamers that spend long hours in front of the television screen. Constructed from premium, quality materials, Polaroid Eyewear frames are durable and dependable. The designer-inspired line also allows users to express personal style, both at work and recreationally.


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