The Future of 3D Media

By Keith Fredericks
Paperback, ebook: 182 pages
Publisher: Keith Fredericks (31 Aug 2011)

Why is glasses-based 3D one of the biggest all time failures in the history of consumer electronics? How does stereoscopic 3D get to consumers? What is coming next in 3D? Where will the content come from and how will it be delivered?

Most people have seen at least one modern 3D movie such as Avatar. But 3D is pushing into our lives now in the form of 3DTVs, mobile phones, tablets and even 3D videos and photos on the Web.

When we leave the theater we move into an uncontrolled environment where people multi-task…an environment where 3D glasses simply don’t work.

This book introduces stereoscopic 3D to early-adopters, business people, content producers, broadcasters and all others curious about the history and future of 3D and then confronts some of the most difficult issues facing the 3D industry today. (Kindle) (Kindle)

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