Screenline Launches Range of Framed 3D Projection Screens

For the launch of new generation of 3D projectors with active glasses, Impact Screen Solutions and Screenline have prepared a special offer exclusively dedicated to fixed frame screens equipped with their new high gain 3D “High Light” material.

This projection surface is noteable for its unique performances which emphasize both the brightness and the contrast of the projected images.

The brightness of the image benefits from a gain factor of 2.8 in absolute value which makes it possible to compensate for the natural brightness loss of active 3D projections, which is due to the filter effect of the active glasses.

The contrast is also 5 times higher than what it would be using normal white fabric, thus giving the images a better field depth.

The viewing angle – a critical factor for high gain fabrics – becomes remarkably wider and allows a greater flexibility when conceiving and building a projection room.

Specifications and advantages:

• Gain of 2.8 which allows more than double the brightness compared to normal white fabric and eliminates the loss of brightness and contrast due to the use of active 3D glasses, making images particularly clear without altering the colorimetry.

• Up to 5 times higher contrast than normal white fabric allowing very detailed dark images and a higher field depth.

• Wider viewing angle compared to our competitors’ high gain fabrics which allows greater flexibility when building projection rooms.

Screenline 3D fixed framed screens are available in many sizes and formats inc 16:9, 16:10 and 21:9 with or without Velvet frame finish.

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