3D Impact Media and PLAZAMEDIA Present 3D Without Glasses

Swiss-based 3D Impact Media AG and PLAZAMEDIA, one of the leading producers of sports TV in the German-speaking world based in Ismaning near Munich, present innovative, glasses free 3D applications at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam. The exhibition takes part from Sept 9 to 13. PLAZAMEDIA works with the state-of-the-art solution from 3D Impact Media and showcases their high-end 3D content productions in best quality. The professional glasses-free 3D solution is ideal for application at live-events and broadcasts, promotions, events and general digital signage use. The solution offers a unique experience to the viewer and ensures high awareness.

3D Impact and PLAZAMEDIA had to overcome main challenges of the 3D market. First, the solution fulfils the dream to see high quality 3D without glasses. Second, the application offers the ability to automatically convert content for glasses-free 3D in real-time. This is an important answer to the shortage of 3D content. Third, 3D Impact Media’s solution delivers clear and strong 3D effects from a broad viewing angle. The Swiss software expert could also eliminate overlaying transition zones. The positioning in so-called sweet spots is not required anymore.

High-quality glasses-free 3D requires three components. The solution requires multiview content, that means more than one view is generated from a scene or object. Second, a dedicated 3D playback software combines the different views to a single image. Last, an autostereoscopic display with a optical or barrier filter enables both eyes to only see one view. This is combined to an image with depth information, speak a 3D image.


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