Samsung Announces 27-Inch Series 9 3D LED and HDTV LED Monitors

Samsung’s distinct Series 9 3D LED and HDTV LED Monitors feature exclusive technology to offer 3D playback on a wide variety of 3D content

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, is revolutionising the 3D monitor experience and further cementing its position as a market leader in 3D technology with the launch of the Samsung Series 9 3D LED Monitor (SA950) and HDTV LED Monitor (TA950). The 27-inch monitors feature Samsung’s own distinctive 3D technology to offer hyper-realistic 3D playback on not only video games but on a wide variety of 3D content, including video games, movies, and user-created 3D content such as photos and videos. Boasting a striking asymmetrical design, the Series 9 Monitors will appeal to the style conscious consumer.

The TA950 broadens 3D content choices for consumers as it also receives TV broadcast signals, supports Freeview HDTV and is Internet-enabled with access to Samsung’s innovative Smart Hub. Smart Hub presents a gateway into a wide variety of content and hundreds of Samsung Apps – the world’s first HDTV-based application store which connects consumers to sports, entertainment, games and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Smart Hub also provides a quick and easy way to search for TV-related content while watching live TV via the “Search All” function, whereas “Your Video” has entertainment needs covered and can deliver video recommendations based on a user’s viewing history. The TA950 monitor brings new meaning to multi-tasking by enabling users to edit documents, browse the internet and watch TV all at the same time.

Phil Gaut, General Manager, Samsung UK Display Division said: “3D content is growing exponentially, especially in entertainment where we are seeing all major studios and gaming companies are releasing 3D titles. In the UK we have seen the launch of 3D sport become available on broadcast television and there has also been a significant rise in user generated 3D content in the form of videos and photos. The amount of content will continue to grow and in line with this trend, we have created our own distinctive 3D technology to support the increasing demand.”

“The other key trend we are continuing to see is in convergence. The TA950’s Smart Hub offering enables consumers to connect their monitor with other smart devices in the home. For example, by selecting the Smart View App from the Smart Hub, consumers can share content between the HDTV monitor and their mobile devices. Through the built-in AllShare function on the Smart Hub, consumers can also draw content from other DLNA equipped devices, making it easy to wirelessly stream movies, pictures and music files onto the monitor,” continues Phil Gaut.

“Samsung has remained the global No. 1 monitor brand for the fourth consecutive year and is the only brand to launch both a 3D monitor and 3D glasses with our own exclusive technology, 3D Hyper Real Engine. This technology is embedded in the Series 9 Monitors to offer viewers the very best in 3D picture quality through optimised colour, contrast and motion. These advancements alongside the differentiated design of the Series 9 Monitors will ensure Samsung continues to lead the 3D monitor market.”

Superior viewing and sound

The Samsung Series 9 3D LED and HDTV LED Monitors offer Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and hyper-realistic 3D playback on a wide variety of 3D content, such as video games, movies, sports, and user-created 3D content including photos and videos. Both monitors can also analyse and render 2D content in real-time to stunning 3D, supporting not only PC content, but also content from Blu-ray players, games consoles and set-top boxes. 2D images are transformed into 3D through Samsung’s innovative 3D Converter which also enables users to customise the depth of 3D depth by up to 10 levels.

The Samsung Ultra Clear Panel provides undiminished brightness and colour from almost any position. Additionally, the monitors enable cleaner textures for fast-moving games in the 120Hz mode, delivering a comfortable 3D viewing experience.

Additionally, the TA950 is equipped with two 7-watt internal speakers that support Dolby Digital, SRS TheaterSound HD, DTS 2.0 and 3D Sound to deliver the highest sound quality.

Offering a complete 3D solution in a single package, both Series 9 Monitors come packaged with a pair of 3D active-shutter glasses which use Radio Frequency communication and support the Full HD picture quality.

Versatility and convenience

For ultimate versatility, the Series 9 Monitors feature multiple input ports allowing users to connect various electronic devices simultaneously, such as a Blu-ray player, game console, set-top box.

Additionally, the TA950 comes conveniently equipped with Samsung’s ConnectShare feature which allows viewers to enjoy instant playback of video, music and photo files via USB without turning on their PC. Multiple input ports, including two HDMI inputs, allow users to connect up to seven electronic devices to the monitor.

The TA950’s built-in AllShare function delivers unlimited connectivity by enabling users to wirelessly stream content from their digital devices onto the monitor without needing to install any programmes. Movies, pictures and music files can be streamed with ease.

Distinct design

Style conscious consumers will appreciate the aesthetic design of the Series 9 Monitors which resemble a beautiful piece of artwork, not just a high performance monitor. The metallic-silver monitor is asymmetrical with a base that is offset to the right, has an ultra slim bezel and curves slightly towards the bottom presenting a clean, modern look. The design was based on the bending and folding of a single sheet of paper, an origami-like inspiration, making the monitor appear paper-thin. The monitors’ unique and differentiated design won the “Innovation Design and Engineering Awards” at CES 2011, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, drawing great attention globally.


The Series 9 3D LED and HDTV LED Monitors reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 percent over traditional displays, thanks to the LED-backlit technology. The Eco Light Sensor saves energy and creates a comfortable viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen based on ambient light, while the Eco Motion Sensor automatically turns the display on or off when a user is within, or has left, the vicinity of the monitor. Additionally, the Series 9’s high-gloss front, sleek back and all-aluminium base are comprised of recyclable material and like all of Samsung’s LED displays, is free of mercury and halogens, making it easier to recycle.

The 27-inch Samsung SA950 is now available from Overclockers and Scan. The 27-inch Samsung TA950 is available from Harrods, Selfridges, Micro Anvika, Shasonic, Richer Sounds, John Lewis and Best Buy.

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