AUO Shows 71″ 21:9 Ultra Wide Screen 3D LCD TV Panel

AU Optronics Corp. (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) debuted at China Optoelectronics Display Expo & China International TV Festival 2011 (CODE & CTVF 2011) in Shenzhen from May 6-8 its full lineup of innovative applications in 3D display technology and 3D LCD TV panels.

AUO’s main emphasis this year was on “Super 3D Panel Solutions”, spotlighting how more interactive and innovative the applications of its 3D LCD panels can be for consumers. The exhibition highlighted a full lineup of 3D TV panel with Glass Pattern Retarder (GPR) technology, a large-sized interactive 3D touch display with video-game applications, and a series of glasses-free 3D displays for various applications to showcase AUO’s innovation and breakthrough in its 3D technology. AUO also presented its full lineup of 21:9 Cinema Scope HD (CSHD) 3D TV LCD panel, 65” Full HD interactive E-board, and 58” 21:9 CSHD vertical public information display to offer customers with the latest and high value-added 3D displays and diverse applications. 

The World’s Largest 71” 21:9 Ultra Wide Screen 3D LCD TV Panel With Stunning Visual Experiences

AUO continues to integrate the leading 3D display technology and offer more complete 3D total solutions. Adopting the GPR technology, AUO will exhibit the whole series of 3D TV panels from 46” to 71” with the advantages of healthy comfort and high brightness.  This series not only have less crosstalk to avoid dizziness, but also have wider viewing angles to allow more people to experience the visual effect. Already in mass production, the world’s largest 71” 21:9 CSHD 3D LCD TV panel is designed with 21:9 ultra-wide screen, offers viewers wider visual angles and its smart application brings viewers a lifelike stereoscopic world and a more delightful image ratio.

In response to the growing demand of interactive 3D multimedia, AUO has combined its 65″ full HD 3D display with an advanced and accurate 3D interactive solution to provide a superlative gaming experience. The 3D interactive display solution is utilizing the TOF (Time-of-Flight Camera) 3D camera detecting the player’s position and motion data, so that the software creates interactive 3D images accordingly.  Players can see the real time stereoscopic images and touch or interact with the images accurately without wearing any accessories. With the latest 3D interactive display solution, players could enjoy the true, vivid and amazing 3D interactive experiences in 3D games. 

Glasses-Free 3D Technology Bringing the Interactive and Convenient AV Entertainment Experience  

Besides pattern retarder 3D technology, AUO will showcase glasses-free 3D displays in different technologies. The Dead-Zone Free 3D solutions, combined by the switchable lens technology with the face-tracking system, not only deliver high brightness and Moiré-free image quality, but also operate concurrently on the same display with both 2D and 3D modes. The applications of 15.6″ notebook and 10.1″ tablet PC in Dead-Zone free technology will be presented in the exhibition. 

For the smartphone and portable game console applications, AUO will showcase the portrait / landscape barrier 3D panel and lenticular lens 3D panel with switchable 2D and 3D modes. This is the ideal choice for portable 3D display application by allowing users to freely move their fingers on the touch panel.

Public Information Display Technologies – 65” Touch Panel for E-board Applications and 58” 21:9  Ultra-Wide Screen PID

AUO integrates its touch panel technology to focus on the education market by introducing 65” interactive E-board to offer the best solution for classrooms and training applications. With features of high resolutions, high brightness, high contrast ratio and 178 degrees of wider viewing angle, AUO’s 65” interactive E-board allows presenting interactive multi-media materials in the classroom to make teaching more vivid and interesting.

AUO’s 58” 21:9 ultra-wide screen display differs from regular advertising panels, which not only equips with high resolutions, slim design, and high color gamut, but also could be displayed in the vertical or horizontal position. In addition, the ultra-wide screen can present video image and information concurrently on the same screen. It is suitable for conference room systems or advertisement displays.

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