iPONT showcases wide-angle, glasses-free 3D LCD display and real-time 3D broadcast technologies at Screenmedia Expo 2011

iPONT International, an innovator and technology partner in the glasses-free 3D market, today introduced a breakthrough 3D without glasses system that gives viewers the most convincing and immersive 3D-viewing experience to date.  Making its UK debut at the Screenmedia Expo (Stand No. F15, Earls Court 2, London), iPONT International will demonstrate its wide-angle auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D LCD display with the iPONT 3D TV Box, which converts any stereo 3D source, including ‘live’ 3D broadcasts, in real-time for viewing on a 3D without glasses screen.

“While 3D systems with 3D glasses, active and passive, have flooded the market, the public’s reaction to using them has been lukewarm.  Nobody really wants to wear spectacles as they detract from the enjoyment and dilute the whole 3D experience,” commented Matthew Young, director iPONT UK.  “To completely captivate your audience the nirvana has to be a glasses-free 3D environment.  iPONT has developed a system that produces  real-time 3D pictures that are both clean and crisp with breathtaking depth, and all without glasses – it has to be seen to be believed.”

The 3D auto-stereoscopic LCD displays, are available in screen sizes ranging from 27” to 65” (and also  in portrait format) and provide vibrant pixel-perfect detail from a rich colour palette with no image ‘ghosting’.  The 3D LCD displays can be viewed in daytime conditions and features a wide viewing cone of 120° mirroring the same conditions a TV set is likely to be set up in the home.  The display has a native resolution of 1920×1080 with multi-view technology.  Added Young: “Some 3D TVs and displays don’t work too well in brighter light conditions while others suffer from viewing angle limitations and only work well if you position yourself in one ‘sweet’ spot for optimal viewing.  We think addressing these shortcomings are the very least the industry should do if 3D is to be acceptable to the masses.”

iPONT’s 3D TV box technology, available as a set-top box and in the future as embedded technology converts any 3D with glasses content today (all 3D broadcast signals are currently broadcast this way) into auto-stereoscopic content for use on glasses-free 3D TVs and displays, in real-time.  The 3D TV box can handle Internet, satellite, cable and terrestrial services that stream 3D content directly into the home or businesses.

Matthew Young, director iPONT UK concluded, “This is a milestone for 3D TV/display without glasses technology and will open up a host of new application possibilities in shopping centres, airports, entertainment venues and sports arenas.  With this development anyone involved in providing a visual entertainment experience in cinemas, sports bars, amusement parks, festivals or casinos has a chance of bringing a new type of experience to the public.”

iPONT will demonstrate its capabilities on stand no. F15 at Screenmedia Expo, Earls Court 2, London.


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