3D@Home Offers Interactive Tool for Understanding 3D Deployment

First generation tool provides foundation for tracking industry direction

The 3D@Home Consortium announced today the availability of an online interactive tool defining a generic 3D eco-system in an easy to follow diagram with navigable scenarios for 3D deployment. The tool is designed for product developers, design engineers, marketing strategists and other individuals seeking to understand the technical direction of the creation, distribution and consumption of 3D data. Using detailed flow charts, distribution schemes and technology roadmaps, the diagram provides a general path for transition to high definition 3D and beyond, and an idea of the current standards development efforts by various groups.

The information was developed by 3D@Home Consortium’s Steering Team 2 (ST2), a subgroup dedicated to the study and communication of developments in the storage, transmission and distribution of 3D data. Consortium members contributing to this project include BluFocus, Intel, SES World Skies, Sigma Designs, Sony, Technicolor, and THX. The graphic will be expanding as the team continues its efforts to compile information about the development path of the 3D eco-system.

“The tool is in its first generation, but already addresses the challenges faced by companies creating services and products for 3D,” states Thierry Borel, chair of ST2, and senior engineer at Technicolor. “The charts provide guidance by identifying processes and data-paths, including popular encoding and compression choices, overlaid with current standards development efforts. “

Available now, the initial phase of the project focuses on the overall structure and navigation capabilities of the diagram with a technical emphasis on the set-top box configuration and roadmap. Topics for the next phase of the project will include adding meta-data expectations, gaming development information, and mobile 3D developments.

“3D@Home was created to provide a perspective on the depth, breadth and height of the impact of 3D,” noted Rick Dean, chairman of 3D@Home. “The eco-system project is critical to graphically illustrate how many segments of industry, infrastructure and academia interface to create a viable environment for 3D entertainment and training.”


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