Mac Guff Ligne uses ArtForge production management software for 3D film Kirikou ‘Des Hommes et des Femmes’

Mac Guff Ligne, European leader in visual effects and 3D animation films, uses ArtForge® V1.3, provided by HD3D, as the production management software for the new 3D film Kirikou “Des Hommes et des Femmes”.

The film production involves tens of artists, specialists in modelling, texturing, animation, rendering…etc, over more than one year and on several sites.

Jacques Bled, President of Mac Guff Ligne said: “A production like Kirikou requires perfect coordination, and ArtForge is the collaborative tool that we needed to master our production in real time.”

The flexibility provided by ArtForge to adapt to any kind of production fits very well with the expectations of Mac Guff Ligne that manages feature films, short films and ads. Laurent Alt, CEO of HD3D, the company that markets ArtForge said: “The use of ArtForge at Mac Guff Ligne is a new important milestone for us. The flexibility of ArtForge enables us to answer the needs of the studio, and this confirms ArtForge’s ability to deal with various types of productions.”

Artforge is a production management software for the creation of digital content. Easy to use, it manages in a very flexible and efficient way all the steps of a workflow to create quality content.

ArtForge enables to handle and monitor all the production tasks, and to keep track of the production information flow as well as associated comments. The software also tracks all production data in real time: tasks status, time spent, milestones, comments, approvals, links to file versions…etc.

Its flexibility makes it easy to manage plans changes, and ArtForge propagates them immediately to all the production team. ArtForge provides production information in various ways: to-do lists, cross-organization collaboration information, or global production dashboards. Easy to learn and to use, ArtForge is an intuitive tool that enables everyone to provide detailed and current information.

ArtForge runs in any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc). It does not depend on a specific operating system.

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