Sharp introduces AQUOS LE831E series televisions with Skype, 3D and Internet options

*       The Sharp AQUOS LE831E series showcases the second generation Quattron technology
*       LE831E series allows Skype calls and online access
*       Built-in eco-bonus: AQUOS LE831 televisions have all earned an A rating for energy efficiency

Sharp’s new LED TVs in the AQUOS LE831 series have the capability to show the latest blockbuster movies in 3D (3D glasses required) or high definition, sporting events on BBC1 HD or ITV1 HD as well allowing online access, including use of Skype and Twitter. The range goes beyond what modern TV sets can do, offering a host of other new and practical features.
A fusion of technology and design

The range features a full HD high-speed LCD panel that comes in a range of sizes: 40, 46, 52 and 60 inches (102, 117, 132 and 152 centimeters). The design is contemporary and minimalistic with a visually very appealing slim frame, just 2.5cm wide. Thanks to its improved Quattron panel technology with an outstanding colour management system and faster response time, the televisions reproduce super-sharp images and natural colours in 2D and 3D alike. 3D images in particular are reproduced with 30 per cent less crosstalk compared to earlier Quattron 3D models.
The Quattron name stands for the new four-color pixel structure of the latest LCD panels from Sharp, where yellow has been added as a fourth colour to the existing RGB pixel spectrum (RGB+Y). The pixels’ lighter yellow component means that the LCD panel can let more light shine through, which in turn significantly lowers the appliances’ energy consumption. This improved energy efficiency rating has led to all AQUOS LE831E series TVs receiving an A label in the EU’s new energy ratings system.
Each television has a Freeview HD tuner and can therefore receive high definition channels like BBC1 HD, ITV1 HD and 4 HD without paying any monthly subscription fees or the need for a separate set-top box.
Tom Monetto, Sharp UK TV product manager says, “Outstanding image quality and excellent design, combined with the lowest possible energy consumption – this is our most important objective when we further the development of a TV. Our aim is to continually develop innovative technologies, incorporate these technological advantages into our products and then offer our customers even more in the form of additional new functions. The AQUOS LE831E series is the best example of this: Its Quattron technology combines low energy consumption with excellent images. And it has that certain extra something – optional Skype function, 3D and AQUOS NET+ for internet access.”
The 40” and 46” TVs in the AQUOS series LC-831E will be available as of May 2011 while the other screen sizes will follow later on in the summer.

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