Zero Creative Announces New Prices for its Autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays

Value added 3D pioneer Zero Creative announces new prices for its naked-eye autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays.

The past period was very successful and enables Zero Creative to upscale production capacity and lower hardware prices. The company also offers its unique 3D Digital Signage software (3DZignage), for a 2 weeks free trial. 3DZignage is a 3D advertising tool for easy 3D content creation in just 3 minutes.

Zero Creative is world renowned for its 3D business solutions, which not only covers glasses-free animated and interactive 3D presentations, but also a successful 2D-to-3D conversion service, turning any existing 2D video into an exciting 3D experience.

€2995 for 24″ display; €4995 for 46″ display; €16,995 for 65″ display.

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