P+S Technik announces Evolution Upgrade for Freestyle 3D Rig and 3D Calibration Test Chart

Evolution Upgrade and new accessories make the P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig even more mobile and versatile than it already was

Germany-based P+S TECHNIK constantly strives to enhance its products according to the latest demands of the industry. The latest developments for the Freestyle Rig include the Evolution Upgrade, the Magic Support, the Shoulder Pad and several special camera plates for particular cameras. The Upgrade and new Accessories make the P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig even more mobile and versatile than it already was.

NEW Evolution Upgrade

P+S TECHNIK has developed a new Evolution Upgrade for its Freestyle Rig, which consists of newly designed camera adapters to ensure stability for some of the heaviest camera setups now being used. In addition, the roll-, tilt-and height-adjustment mechanisms are much more stable to suit heavy setups up to 19.8 lb. The Evolution upgrade facilitates a quick setup and calibration process as well as stable alignments for broadcast and digital film applications. A variety of mounting accessories make this rig ideal for Steadycam, shoulder, crane, dolly and tripod use. Thanks to its carbon-based design, the Freestyle Rig is still among the lightest rigs in the industry.

Julian Napier and Phil Streather relied heavily on the Freestyle Rig during production of Carmen 3D: “We could not have completed Carmen in the way the director, Julian Napier, wanted without the Freestyle Rigs,” said Phil Streather, Founder and CEO of Principal Large Format (PLF). “P+S TECHNIK’s Freestyle Rig is a versatile and lightweight 3D rig that can go on a steadicam or remote dolly; and we used both on Carmen in 3D to get the cameras close enough to the action for great 3D. The introduction of the Freestyle Rig’s Evolution Upgrade means that P+S TECHNIK remains at the forefront of lightweight rig design and sales and I look forward to using this rig on future productions,” he continues.

Key Features of the Evolution Upgrade:

-Suitable to heavy camera setups (up to 9 kg / 19.8 lb per camera setup)
-Quick adjustment and constant stability of settings
-Highly stable and G-force approved
-Highest versatility
-Ready for Live Broadcast

Customers have the choice between the regular and the Evolution camera adapters. Freestyle Rigs can be upgraded anytime.

NEW Freestyle Rig Shoulder Pad

This Shoulder Pad is especially designed for the Freestyle Rig. The cushioned leather caters to the shoulder shape. Using this Shoulder Pad in combination with hand grips and extensions ensures the best possible focal point of the 3D camera setup on the shoulder.

NEW Special Camera Plates Arri Alexa, Sony V-Mount Cameras and Sony EX3

Additionally, there’s a special camera plate available to properly mount the heavy ARRI Alexa on the Freestyle Rig. To reduce the flexibility of the Sony PMW-EX3 housing, P+S TECHNIK has designed a particular reinforcement bracket, which can be directly mounted on the standard camera plate. For mounting broadcast Sony V-Mount cameras on the standard camera plate, P+S TECHNIK has developed a V-Mount accessory.

NEW Flight-Case for the Freestyle Rig

The case for the Freestyle Rig provides maximum safety and features additional foam cushioning fitting tight around all parts of the Freestyle Rig. The 3D Calibration Test Chart also fits in this case.

NEW Flight-Case for Stereo 3D Rig spare mirrors

The compact case is especially designed for spare mirrors. It is suitable to Freestyle Rig and Standard Rig spare mirrors and provides space for two mirrors.

NEW 3D Calibration Test Chart

P+S TECHNIK designed a 3D Calibration Test Chart making it quick and easy to calibrate 3D Stereo Rigs. The 3D Test Chart is printed on mat, non-reflecting and weather resistant laminate. It can be used for the calibration of all kinds of mirror rigs and comes with a user manual on its backside.

Meet P+S TECHNIK @ NAB 2011: Booth C9.748.


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