Apollo Cinemas Launches MORE Campaign Offering Sports, Opera, Live Music In 3D on Sony 4K Technology

MORE action, drama and excitement – Apollo Cinemas launch new campaign to offer customers the ultimate digital cinema experience

Apollo Cinemas, the cinema chain revolutionizing the movie-going experience in the UK, has today announced the launch of its ‘MORE’ campaign giving consumers a wide range of alternative viewing content now available thanks to Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology.

Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology allows consumers to experience exceptional picture quality from every seat in the cinema, providing world-leading 3D images and spectacular detail even on the largest screens. Transforming the film experience, Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology gives the consumer an immersive, engaging visual experience you simply can’t get at home.

The ‘MORE’ campaign introduces the vast array of new content now available at Apollo Cinemas, from partners including The Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the English National Opera. Big stage musical theatre, opera and ballet productions are no longer confined to the London stage as Apollo cinema brings super high definition live 3D performances to communities nationwide.

Customers can also now enjoy all their favourite sports from football to rugby, boxing, racing, tennis, basketball and many more, in live 3D, in the comfort of their local Apollo cinema. Not only that, with live music festivals, gigs and concerts, all in amazing 5.1 surround sound it will feel like you’re on stage with the performing artist.

From March 2011, Apollo is to continue its Global Season of Opera and Ballet with screenings of operatic film Carmen in 3D. Filmed in 3D during two performances at the Royal Opera House, Carmen in 3D is a feature film depicting acclaimed director George Bizet’s opera classic.

To kick start the ‘MORE’ campaign, the first live artist album launch took place this month at the Apollo Cinema in London’s Piccadilly, where Avril Lavigne launched her new album with a Q&A and 3D video screening for fans.

Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology has 4 times the image resolution of an HD TV or 2K digital cinema. It has captured the imagination of audiences and the cinema industry alike, winning the commitment from Hollywood, with big name directors like Christopher Nolan (“Dark Knight”, “Inception”), Phillip Noyce (“Salt”) and Ron Howard (“Angels & Demons”) having released their most recent blockbusters in the 4K format.

The desire to provide viewers with the best experience possible, and be at the forefront of cinematic innovation was the motivation behind Apollo Cinemas’ choice to switch to digital last year with Sony Digital Cinema state-of-the-art 4K projection. Apollo is now offering their valued customers the ultimate 21st century digital cinema experience, showcased through its new MORE campaign.

Nicole Oakley, Marketing Manager at Apollo Cinemas said: “As a leading cinema chain, Apollo is at the forefront of innovation by pioneering new and dynamic ways to communicate with its customer-base. Our partnership with Sony Digital Cinema allows Apollo to offer the ultimate digital cinema experience to all our valued guests. The Sony 4K technology provides outstanding image and sound quality, and enables us to extend our programming to alternative content, delivering new and exciting experiences for our existing and future customers.”

David McIntosh, Director, Sony Professional Solutions, Europe commented, “This exciting partnership clearly demonstrates Sony Digital Cinema’s commitment to the long-term success of the industry, heralding the next generation of 4K digital cinema experience. It enables Apollo to capitalise on the enormous opportunities that digital cinema offers to strengthen and sustain their business, as well as to revolutionize the movie-going experience for its customers.”


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