Dimenco unveils WQHD 3D autostereoscopic display

Dimenco, a leading technology company in the field of auto-stereoscopic displays, announced today that it will present their new 3D display prototypes and products during CES in a private suite at the MGM Signature in Las Vegas.

Until now, 3D auto-stereoscopic (no glasses) displays were only used in professional industries, such as advertising, visualization, and interactive applications.

The reasons why lenticular displays aren’t widely adopted in consumer applications is the loss of 3D resolution and the difficulty to read small text. The latter is due to the fact that the lenticular, once attached to the LCD display, is always noticeable.

Dimenco solved these drawbacks and will unveil their newly developed technological innovations, based on Philips technology, during CES in a private suite. By introducing their new 27″ WQHD 3D auto-stereoscopic display, Dimenco is able to create a stunning and crystal clear HD 3D image. “By using a native panel of 2560X1440 pixels and our new improved lenticular design we are able to get the best 3D picture ever” says Jan van der Horst, co-founder of Dimenco and technical manager. This panel uses 28 views, has no banding and has a viewing cone of 120 degrees which is unique for any full brightness auto-stereoscopic display”. Initially, the 27″ will only be available in the professional market and will have an estimated retail price of $4999,-. Dimenco is exploring the possibility to bring this product also to the consumer market.

Dimenco will also show their new 4″ and 22″ 3D switchable lenticular display prototypes. These displays have the unique ability to switch from a full resolution 2D image to a stunning 3D image. This is done by a LC-lens-switch, which switches off the lens on the display when full resolution is needed for an application such as Internet browsing or text. With the LC-lens-switch in 2D mode, all pixels contribute to the native high-resolution image. To get the best out of both worlds, 2D and 3D, Dimenco relies on technology that electronically switches the refractive index of the liquid crystal (LC) for incident light from the display. As a result, the lenticular layer can be made invisible.

“Dimenco shows with these technological novelties that we are the leading company in 3D lenticular display technology” says Maarten Tobias CEO Dimenco “Switchable technology and Higher Resolution 3D displays proofs that it is not the question if auto-stereoscopic displays will be widely adopted in the consumer market, but when” Besides these prototypes, Dimenco will show its 52″ 3D display, which is now commercially available. This product is designed to grab people’s attention with stunning 3D multimedia presentations. Marketing professionals can use this eye catcher to increase brand and product awareness in larger public spaces at events, exhibitions, reception areas and theme parks. The improved lens design delivers a stunning 3D image and creates a viewing cone of 150 degrees, Another unique feature is within the Dimenco Control Tool with which you are able to adapt the optimal viewing distance of the display, The 52″ is currently available and has an estimated retail price of $9999,-.

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