Stereo Vision Launches SVTV Theatrical 3D Television Network

Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:SVSN), a publicly traded company focused exclusively on the 3D entertainment industry, announced today that it has launched SVTV, the world’s first theatrical 3D television network.

Stereo Vision’s Chief Executive Officer Jack Honour stated, “For the last ten years, Stereo Vision has been a driving force in the development of the 3D entertainment industry. With Sony (NYSE:SNE) announcing that they will have 46,000,000 3D TVs out by 2013, and virtually every major television manufacturer following suit, the forming of SVTV was a natural evolution for Stereo Vision. While developing our own in house 3D content, we’ve also been busy gathering existing content, and aligning ourselves with the major studios that are now producing new 3D content. We are currently in the final phase of preparations for our 3D broadcast beta test, and expect to be broadcast ready by summer.”

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