GUNNAR Optiks Announces Premium 3D Glasses Lens Technology for Gaming and Movies

Optical Innovator Addresses Unfilled Need for Prescription and Premium 3D Users

GUNNAR Optiks, the leading manufacturer of digital performance eyewear, announced today that they will be offering a collection of 3D glasses enabled with components of their i-AMP® lens technology. Versions will be available for the most widely used 3D platforms in gaming and video. For the first time ever, premium consumers will have a chance to view 3D technology with ergonomically correct and distortion free optics.

Having established a firm footprint in both the optical and consumer electronics industry, GUNNAR’s foray into 3D is a logical step for the company. “This is an exciting time for the field of 3D technology,” said Rob Aarnes, GUNNAR’s president. “There have been amazing advances in the delivery of the media, but we see a massive need for someone to address the optics of the eyewear. Currently most eyewear used in 3D systems is either disposable or of low quality construction. With our expertise in optics and our commitment to the digital world, we see the opportunity as a natural fit.”

GUNNAR is relying on components of its i-AMP technology to provide the optics. “While typical 3D eyewear is stamped from a flat sheet of plastic, GUNNAR lenses are shaped, formed and cut to provide distortion free optics,” said Joe Croft, co-founder of GUNNAR and EVP of Research Design & Development. “For the amount of technology and effort that goes into the creation and delivery of the content, it is a shame that the weakest link in any 3D system today is the eyewear used to view the final product. We are proud to announce our success in creating lenses of the highest optical quality to give a premium visual experience.”

GUNNAR eyewear with i-AMP 3D will initially be available in Q2 of 2010 in configurations that are compatible with iZ3D gaming systems and RealD video. Ready to wear versions will be priced from $89.00 to 149.00. Prescription eyewear in both configurations will be available in Q3.

GUNNAR will be giving a first look at their i-AMP 3D technology at CES 2010. GUNNAR representatives will be at the Tritton Technologies Booth, North Hall #5216, and the Monster Cable Booth, Central Hall #13306. GUNNAR will also be attending the PEPCOM Digital Experience.

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